August 2, 2015

HARVEST The Bounty of Washington

Two of my foodblog photos are in a Washington State photo tour titled,  "HARVEST: The Bounty of Washington" kicking off at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle in time for the National Council of State Legistlators Legistlative Summit 2015.

The exhibition will remain in Seattle for six months, then travel to Spokane for six months, and Kennewick for six months.

Emmer Wheat Berries

Like the endless fields of grain in Eastern Washington, this photo of emmer wheat berries, one of the three wheats lovingly referred to as farro, represents the abundance of life-sustaining nourishment that we grow in Washington. Emmer originated in the wild in the fertile crescent and is one of the first wheats that humans ate. This batch of nutty, chewy Emmer was grown in the protective Methow Valley, cooked and gratefully consumed in my kitchen in Bellingham.

Boxed Beans

There is art in our agriculture. This box of beans had been picked and packed that morning by two women who have a farm up near the Canadian border. As I talked with them about their venture into farming, I realized, they’re growing more than beautiful produce, they’re growing life.

And the one that didn't get in . . .

Berries and Beans

This farmers market display seemed to celebrate the farmer’s blackberries and matching french beans with such reverence as if acknowledging a miracle. Growing life-sustaining food from unassuming tiny seeds buried in dirt containing invisible nutrients might be exactly that — a miracle. And the farmers who grow miracles are as important as the rain that falls from the sky and the air we breathe.

I think that is excuse enough for me to travel to each city and check out the local food. I can't wait to see the show. I hope you see the show too.