July 24, 2014

from cage-free to pastured-raised

Eggs might be my favorite food for any meal. Heck, every meal.

Remember cage-free? Free-range? Ever wonder why that's not good enough anymore? This video on PBS explains it beautifully. http://video.pbs.org/video/2339515762/

I ate this egg for breakfast one morning in Italy last summer. I could tell by looking at it that the chickens probably get to go outside and eat grass and bugs and run free in the sunshine. At least I hoped.

This summer I have been subscribed out of all the local pasture-raised eggs I normally buy and came really close to building a hen house in my back yard when I saw this at my regular grocery store, Haggen. Thank you Haggen and thank you Vital Farms for bringing pasture-raised eggs to my regular grocery store that doesn't need a farm subscription. Easy.