September 4, 2014

Edible Drinkable Whatcom County

In September of 2013, my good friend and excellent photographer, Peg Murray, and I ventured out to Bellewood Acres AppleOrchard and Distillery and took pictures. I interviewed the owner-farmers, John and Dorie Belisle and wrote a feature article that I had pitched to the editor of Edible Seattle magazine. It was published a year later in the October 2014 issue. Read it online here.

The Fruit of Distilling by Gina Saettone

My story and her photographs illustrate two farmers in Whatcom County who we both adore and wanted to share with the world.

The Story and John and Dorie by one of their copper stills.

Their award winning spirits made from apples from their orchard, also known affectionately as orchard-to-glass.  And recipes from Brandon Wicklund of The Real McCoy and the Belisles.

Peg and I are out of our mind delighted with the culmination of this year-long project.

Thank you John and Dorie for letting us share your story.