August 8, 2013

Pacific Northwest Beauty and Mystery Lore

Pinch me . . . I'm sitting on the Western Washington University campus in the student union sipping a cappuccino and working on my blog project for class.  This blog.

I am overwhelmed by the beauty here.  Look at that.  While I'm working I can look at that.  Wow.  I can see why so many WWU students never leave Bellingham.  The Canadian mountains are showing today but my camera couldn't pick them up.  The Bay itself is gorgeous enough though.

And around campus - I fell in love with these two. . .

I think this is what my Bernese Mt. Dog, Sambuca, and I looked like when she would sit on my lap on the couch.

Do all animals want to sit on our laps?

This is Sami sitting on my sister, Heide's lap.

The Man Who Used to Hunt Cougars for Bounty.  Is he now friends with the bear?  Or has the bear squashed him entirely?  Does anyone know this sculpture?  I would love to know the story behind this piece.  I think they have become friends.