July 19, 2013

La Casa dei Tintori

My last two nights in Florence I stayed in a bed & breakfast called Casa Tintori located on the street of the same name in the Santa Croce neighborhood in the city center near where I had been staying during class the previous two weeks. Corso dei Tintori, which translates literally as "over the dyers" is located near the Arno River and there is a reason this building was close by. It was used as a house to die wool. There was a famous textile industry located in Florence. Wool dyers, spinners and weavers worked here to supply some of the finest clothiers in Europe.
Over the years this building had been owned by individuals who had no interest in its history. 
The current owner uncovered treasures like the bricked arches of the now lobby and this outgoing pipe made of many ceramic tubes to take waste water out to the river. 
The water came in through this faucet. 
Casa Tintori is proud of the history of this building and works to preserve and educate people by showcasing this utility right in the lobby. 
Spinning wheel in the lobby. 
Along the hallway to the charming kitchen they have illustrations of the textile industry workers from
The die pots 
To spinning the fiber
To measuring the warp
dressing the loom
And the various tools. 

It is no mistake or chance that I would have found this place. 
Ricardo and his wife manage this lovely place. I will always return.