July 10, 2013

Day One Vacation

I am finally on vacation. Someone at the University recommended the little town of Ventimiglia just this side of France on the Riviera. So I went for it. My hosts are a lovely couple I found through Airbnb, thank you again, Megan. From Hawaii to Italy it has served me well. 
My hosts are vegan and this region,  Liguria was, until the war, strongly vegetarian so they led me to this restaurant that cooks Ligurian food.  Exactly what I want to do, eat the local customary food. 
In a pretty little bistro. Geppy's Bistrot
They brought a little focaccia. 
I started with eggplant and mozzarella on maltagliati a noodle created from the leftover scraps of making ravioli. It was so soft and savory it melted in my mouth. 
My second course was cod over beans and a skinny squash that I have seen at the market. I will get the name. The cod had a smokey grill scent and also melted in my mouth. No room for dolce-at 10pm all I want to do is go to bed. But not before walking with my hostess and her two affectionate dogs Maya and Carlos.

Gettin' my canine fix. '