July 13, 2013

Medieval Hill Towns

My Ventimiglia hostess, Elizabeth, took time from osteopath and naturopath studies to give me a scooter tour through a few of the old towns in the hills.
The first one translates to sweet water. 

Community olive press. Still today communities share a press. 
Accurate sun dial. 
There is a law that you have to paint buildings to be aesthetically pleasing. 

A woman getting her water from the community well. 

Just inside the entrance to the town. 
The street/passageway. 

Lookout at the top. 
The bumps on these leaves become a berry. 
This town is noted for the wall paintings throughout. 

A good restaurant worth traveling to. 

Kitty on the curb doing a good job. There were no rats. 

Elizabeth leading the way up a steep street. 
Very steep.
Looking back down. Dizzying. 
Someone's front entrance. 
Another front entrance. 
Two entrances. 
Church at the top. 
View from the top. 

On a clear day you can see the snow capped Dolomites.