July 10, 2013

Walking the Italian Riviera

 My hostess indulged me with local knowledge about the "good beach". It was a hike. 
I was immediately side tracked by the most amazing covered market. 
Fresh mushrooms
Mountains of beans and tomatoes
Every vendor was busy
Everything was ripe

There were little shops
Plant and flower vendors
Fresh pasta counters
Ready to eat foodstuffs 
Steal my heart some sort of fried artichoke that made me miss my grandma Saettone's cooking. I bought three for the beach. 
I also bought one of these because it is filled with spinach which is so so very good here. 
I wanted one of everything grazie. 
Tomorrow I will go back for a sweet. 

With 5 tiny Italian plums, three fried artichoke, one spinach wrap, and some shelling peas I headed to the good beach. 

Locks on the bridge just like in Florence. Does anyone know this practice?  Something about love. 
The river teeming with fish. 
Passed some very pretty houses. 
Passed a construction site at the port. 
Along a pathway
Of which parts could be Arizona or California. 
Through a little welcomed shade 

That opened up to blue water. 

I parked myself in the shade between swims. The water is as clear as tap water okay not your tap water, Beth. You know what I mean. No fish, just sand. I could still see my toes in 5 feet depth. And soft. 
I opened up my picnic lunch. 
This is 2 inches. It was delicious filled with spinach and ricotta and Parmesan cheese. 
I shared my plums with an older gentleman who asked me time in Italian. I was so flattered and answered in Italian. But then he asked me if I was English. LOL I think it was my Pacific Northwest pale skin rather than my diction. Anyway he accepted the plum and we talked about what we used to do a million years ago. I'm on the Italian Riviera. Pinch me. I must be dreaming.