July 12, 2013

Ventimiglia Alta Citta Medievale

After the beach I hiked up to the medieval section of Ventimiglia. 

Entrance to the city is now an exit only for cars but pedestrians can go in any direction. 

Looking back out toward the sea. 
Architectural details 
Entrance to a home

Walking through medieval towns is like stepping back in time in a way I have never experienced before. There is energy and memories in these walls. If only they could speak. 

A church turned into a museum. 
A side street. 
From inside the side street. A girl walked by bouncing a ball. 

Repair-work on a building 
The street tiles

The next day I returned to the beach and again walked up to the ancient city but this time with two other guests from my hosts house, Lori and Ameran.  We explored a little further. 
A very pretty place to live 

A mailbox
Utility cover