June 24, 2013

First evening in Florence

My hostess, Susanna, showed me the way my scuola/school for class the next morning. The directions were to walk to the Duomo and turn left.
Then we got gelato at a sustainable cafe. That was just lucky. 
They grow as much of their own fruit as possible. 
Strawberries/fragole, melons/melons, figs/fichi, pesche/peaches, albicocche/apricots, and pears/pere. 
As we walked home we passed this storefront. I couldn't resist, Marina. This one had your name all over it. 

When we got to the old bridge/Ponte Vecchio I saw the full moon over the Arno River. No one was going to sleep that night. 
In the center of the Ponte/bridge a really good band was playing. 
There is apparently very little crime on the Ponte Vecchio. When we first passed this calm polizi/policeman he was rolling a cigarette. On our way back I could not resist photographing him leaning against the wall engrossed in his texting. Safe neighborhood. But a noisy neighborhood. Maybe it was the full moon. I heard action out my window until 400am. It was quiet till about 600am. I actually slept well my first notte in Firenze.