June 30, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Day Duo/Two

Sunday morning I headed to Il Duomo to hear Matens in Gregorian Chant. It was hauntingly beautiful and penetrated the cells of my body like the singing bowls. No cameras during mass. 

Then off to hunt destination number 1. 
Piazza San Lorenzo. 
And the Central Market. 
Lots of leather, Molly I could not get the film "Earthlings" out of my head. I think I will always eat meat, but I may grow weary of wearing it. I did not care for this market. 
Above the vendors, the Medici Chapel. 
The chapel is on the right. I ate lunch on the left by that umbrella. 
Cute little place that offered salad for a meal. That is for the Americans. Italians think it's strange to eat a salad as a whole meal. 

Lettuce, walnuts, pear, and cheese. Olive oil, vinegar and salt are brought to the table. 
Back through the Central Market. 
To the train station hunt destination #2. 
Which included the famous Pharmacy which I had already visited on M. V.'s recommendation. ;)
I went inside because I'll be taking a train next Sunday. 
And quickly found hunt destination 4. I'm getting better at this. I also bought a new and better map. 

Made my way to Piazza Signoria (5) where there are many statues, most of them male nudes and a community water pump to fill your bottle. 

I sat at one of the outrageously priced outdoor restaurants, ordered a Limoncello freddo/iced cold and watched the world go by. 
I didn't have my bottle with me.  Next time. 

I Don't know if you were keeping track, I just realized that I missed number 3, Piazza Ognissanti. I will have to go there tomorrow.