June 30, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Day Uno

The assignment over the weekend is to go to ten designated places in Florence. I first thought, "oh, how easy."


I began my journey toward number 10 Piazza del Carmine. 

Then switching back to find the Pitti Palace. 
Passed by some road construction. 
And stumbled onto a Sabado/ Saturday Farmers Market. 
Now this is what I came to Italy to see and do.  I bought fresh veggies for lunch and continued on. 

And found the enormous Pitti Palace (9 on the hunt) purchased by one rival family to out do another family and to appease a royal bride.

I ran across this shop with a ceramic Bernese Mt Dog. The shop owner could see tears welling up in my eyes and said yes to my request to photograph it. Oh Sami I miss ya! You would hate it here- the city dogs have no grass and are forced to do their business in the streets. Yuck. 

Still on my way to destination number six. 
Piazza Santa Croce.  Piece of cake because we had already walked through there a few times. The bleachers from last week's game were still up. 
Saw this beautiful home along the way. 

Ended up walking the length of a military compound of some sort. 
And finally found the 8th destination. 
This arch is on Piazza Beccaria. It's a rushing traffic circle and the only safe crossing is through the arch. 

Now to wind my way through streets toward the Ambrogia in Piazza Ghiberti. 
 A city planting project. The poor canines. Finally a piece of land and they're growing lavender and decorative tall grasses. Very pretty, but where do the dogs go?
This is it. I saw a dog happily frolicking in the brush next to this river beach.
And I did not believe the kind French man who said it was so, I had found number seven. 
Piazza Ghiberti all buttoned up and full of parked cars. During the week this place was bustling with fresh produce and crafted works. 

I needed my map at every street junction.    It was a full morning of trekking all over half of central Florence. I started to get the lay of the land. I will finish the hunt domani/tomorrow on Domenica/Sunday after mass at Il Duomo.