June 28, 2013

Food vs Food

The Eco-gastronomy, sustainable food and food affordability conversations appear to be happening each in their own little vacuum. The challenge is to get them to collaborate. Where can they meet and agree?
It looks out is place to me. But maybe it's not. Since we all have to eat, perhaps all food has a place.
There is a store in Florence that sells nearly all locally made and/or sourced food and products. 
Is it over the top?  Just an Italian Whole Foods?
Up close these smelled of the fresh earth. 
What if a place like this was designed to be affordable and not lock out of the market the very same people who provide it?  This one is.  Why can't we have these in every region in the world. I think we can. 
Food is food is food is food. Sometimes it's precious. 

Sometimes it's just food. 
Sometimes it's celebrated. 
Florentine Steak, Toscana Bistecca. Four of us ate from one steak. You can see why. 

Biscotti dipped in holy wine. 

Today we heard a lecture on biodynamic farming. 
Not all food is created equal and today we learned why.   More later, it's after 8, time to eat dinner.