June 28, 2013

Made of Marble

There is so much marble in this town. And it's always jaw-dropping magnifico.
This was on an outside wall of a building.

Inside of Santa Croce Church, this is where Galileo Galilei is buried.

Recognize her?  It is thought that the artist who sculpted her was the teacher of the sculptor who created our Statue of Liberty gift from France.

Important people of the time were also buried right in the floor.

Often with elaborate designs and family crests.

But they are everywhere so it's difficult to not step on them.

Michael Angelo's tomb, but he is not buried there.

Base of a table. 

Carved to look like fabric. 

To signify a family tomb. 

Dante is buried here.

Elaborate pulpit.

Stories carved on the pulpit. 

Carved to resemble basket weave. 

At the base of a pillar. 

Inlaid on the floor. 

On the corner of a tomb. 

On the base of a tomb. 

A family crest/ shield/ logo. 

On the corner of a platform.